Replacement tent fabric for Westfalia Weekender with 3 windows!!

$ 499.95

Replace your old torn or worn top tent with fresh fabric.

When we first started building custom Eurovans and poptop conversions we bought our top tents from several of the other vendors out there. 

The tops were hard to install and had some odd design quirks. We partnered with the manufacturer to make a better top. Easier to install, better windows, better fit. 

Bring more light and air into your Weekender with a 3 window top to replace the factory 1 or 2 window top. 


Available in cotton or acrylic 


Tents are made to order and may take a couple of weeks to get. 


**Please note that this product will ship from California and as such we must calculate and bill for sales tax if you are purchasing in the state of California. 



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